Our Recent Projects


McAnderson Coding Program

McAnderson Associate Limited organized a remarkable summer coding class in April 2022, targeting students aged 9 to 14. The program aimed to introduce these young learners to coding fundamentals and nurture their interest in computer science.

The coding class’s primary objective was to expose young students to the world of coding and help them develop basic programming skills. By providing a hands-on learning experience, the program aimed to spark curiosity, enhance problem-solving abilities, and encourage creative thinking among the participants.

Digital Agency

Tenpounds Website

Ten Pounds Website is a digital agency dedicated to driving SMEs with eye-catching Organizational, Portfolio and E-commerce websites all at a very affordable price. We make website easy for visitors to achieve their objectives and most times align with your business goals. i.e., making inquiries, purchases, sign-ups, or even increased time on site.

Ten Pounds Website supports SME with web-design presence that increases visibility, traffic and increase sales to business and brand products. We connect businesses to customers with quality designs and web services.